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The attraction of flight, the people's desire to overcome their limitations, to compete with themselves, and to test their limits in an unconventional way were just a few of the particularities of certain activities that involve a high degree of risk.

The specialized trainers, the rules, and the equipment have made these sports to be less and less dangerous.

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Today, the air sports have an increasing number of fans, becoming even quite a trend. Unlike the traditional sports, they focus more on our ability to concentrate, to react in tight situations, and, why not, to anticipate.

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When you practice such a sport, you compete with your own limitations, trying to model your mind, while you strengthen your body. Promoting and practicing these sports comes as a reaction to the development of society, the development of modern life, of the courage to approach other sports than the popular ones, fat burner victory endurance desire to try something new, to test your courage and quench fat burner victory endurance thirst for adrenaline, feelings usually felt by young people.

Many of these young people have focused their attention on the air sports, due to the fact that these sports combine the skills and techniques that were fat burner victory endurance with physical abilities and concentration required in tight situations.

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However, the air sports amateurs must recognize the physical limitations of their equipment. The participants must have a minimal knowledge and experience in any air sports activity in order to know what to do in case of an emergency.

Some of the air sports that can be a little extreme are: paragliding, hang gliding, parachuting, and ultralight aviation. Some of the air sports combine the techniques and physical abilities from two or more extreme sports.

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There is no doubt that they model the temperament, the adaptability to stress conditions, and increase the ability to analyze, and focus. The technical equipment of flight clubs in the researched area is insufficient, and, for the most part, worn-out; the air sports that can be available to the public are limited, despite the fact that the theoretical-practical training should be statefunded.

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The salvation of fat burner victory endurance air sports can come only from private investors, flying passionates who have financial means. A top 10 of the most popular air sports, in the opinion of the young people who have participated in this study, shows that paragliding and hang gliding are in first places, being preferred due to their low costs and because the equipment and instruments can be procured relatively easy, but also because these sports are relatively accessible.

Nu Mușchi! Dacă eşti într-un deficit caloric, exista probabilitatea de a pierde masă musculară, de aceea amioacizii cu lanţuri ramificate BCAA sunt foarte utili în acest demers. Aceştia te vor ajuta să păstrezi un nivel ridicat al sintezei proteice şi vor reduce efectele negative ale catabolismului. Dintr-o perspectivă estetică, vei arăta mai bine dacă slăbeşti dar îţi păstrezi masa musculară

The results of the study allow us to say that air sports are in full ascension in the counties of Moldavia, despite the economic crisis. The hypotheses were confirmed.

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A great part of the pupils focus their attention on air sports because they have family or friends who are tied to these sports. We believe that the investments made for the practice of these sports can help increase the number of practitioners, and, why not, make them go from "leisure" to professional.

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