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Halfway through the movie, her seat broke. The part-time uni student from Ballarat said she had been plagued by a near lifelong addiction to food. Slimming watch watched the rest of the movie crying to myself.

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She added she was heavily bullied throughout her schooling years due to her weight. Binge eater Hucknall said she had always been a binge eater and would often eat fast food items slimming watch as pizzas, burgers and fries until the point of feeling sick. An obese student who was so heavy she broke a cinema chair now looks unrecognisable slimming watch beating her food addiction.

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Dr Nick Fuller from the University of Sydney explains the concept of 'interval weight loss', a sustainable approach to staying slim. The next day, she received a phone call to book her first appointment — and she has never looked back.

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In addition to a customised healthy diet plan, Hucknall started working with a personal trainer. After more than a year of hard work, healthy eating and regular workouts, inspirational Hucknall has lost 55kg and six dress sizes — something she said she never imagined would happen.